tiktok marketing for credit repair

TikTok Marketing For Credit Repair Companies

With TikTok being the hottest social media platform right now, I am guessing you’re looking for ways you can leverage this opportunity to give your business the exposure it needs. 

Well, if that’s you, then you clicked on the right post. 

In this guide, we will share with you some tips using TikTok marketing for credit repair companies you can use to take your business to the next level.

So, if you are ready, let’s dive right into it:

In 2020, Tik Tok has been the most downloaded app, what this means is that it is a great marketing tool for your business, and in this post, I want to share with you when, why, and which business should use Tik Tok. 

So, we will take a look at the following to help you understand how to leverage your credit repair business with TikTok:

• What Is TikTok?
• Demographic of TikTok.
• Why should you care about TikTok.
• What type of content do you post on TikTok?
• What Are Some TikTok Credit Repair Marketing Strategies.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is the newest trending social media platform happening right now, with 1.5 billion users, and with over 500 million active users monthly. 

The app was launched by a Chinese company known as ByteDance in 2016. 

It allows its users to create short-form videos that are music-related, and it allows them to edit, filter, and use AR on the app.

Tiktok works like any other social media platform where your followers can like and comment, and search for hashtags based on the theme. 

On paper, TikTok doesn’t sound different from many apps, but it is a lot of fun and it is quite interesting. 

The app consists of 15 to 60 seconds videos, where you can edit inside the app, and it integrates with all your other social media platforms too.

Demographics Of TikTok:

One fear most businesses have is that their audience isn’t on TikTok, so let’s dive into demographics to help you decide for yourself. 

If you think TikTok is an app for young people, then you are wrong. 

Well, shockingly, 30% of TikTok users are over the age of 30. 

What this means is that, out of the 1 billion people using TikTok, 480 million of them are 30 years and above.

However, the largest demographic of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 to 24.

TikTok has a global presence in over 155 different countries and has over 75 languages available to its users. 

This means that regardless of the country your target audience might be at, TikTok has an audience there for you.

Currently, 45% of TikTok users are females. and 55% are males, this means you have a fairly equal market space if your business is geared towards selling to giving services to a specific gender.

So, if you are worried about TikTok having the right audience for you, I hope you have your answer now. 

So, Why Should You Care About TikTok Marketing For Your Credit Repair Company?

First off, TikTok uses AI to learn a person’s interest. 

And until most users have followed a few profiles, and engaged with people, it’s going to be difficult for TikTok to know what to serve its consumers. 

However, once the consumer keeps engaging with the content they like, and skipping the content they do not like, consumers get to discover that TikTok is an entirely different experience.

This magic combination of features results in a breeding ground for future credit repair customers for your business.

Individuals that see your content, inquire through your profile link which in turn generates leads for your business and sell credit repair over the phone.

This is just one simple example.

Let’s dig in further.

So, What Does This Mean For Your Credit Repair Business?

Well, in recent years, there has been a surge in consumers begging for a real look at the authenticity behind the scenes of brands, celebrities, businesses. 

Surprisingly, consumers were falling in love with brands all over again, instead of the perfect photo like other social media platforms, Tiktok gives your business or brand the chance to show the culture behind the scenes. 

Maybe you’re super fun, maybe you’re super or skeptical, well, that can show on TikTok. 

Tiktok allows your consumer to say ” Yep, I always knew I liked that brand, and now I understand why.”

Now, quite possibly, one of the coolest reasons to use TikTok, is that unlike any other platform right now, there is an unlimited untapped viral potential. 

People become stars overnight, and businesses are blowing up. 

You could have 60 followers on Tiktok, and then you put up one entertaining video, and overnight, it reaches 9000 views.

This shows the viral potential of the platform for your business. 

Unlike other platforms, with a simple marketing video that can go viral within a week or less, this is because the AI behind the app automatically sends your content to the users looking for that specific content.

If you are feeling skeptical, head-on to the TikTok app, and search for the hashtag in your industry, #creditrepair, #creditscores, #credittips, or even #credit, you’ll see that many people are engaging in content surrounding these topics.

Why You Should Care About TikTok Marketing For Credit Repair

So, because TikTok is a closed ecosystem, you can link your business’ profile to your YouTube, or drive traffic to your site, or drive them to your lead generation page.

And another opportunity that is starting to gain popularity is Tiktok Ads, and the CPMs are juicy, the reach is incredible, and the targeting keeps improving every single day.

What Kind Of Content Should You Post On TikTok?

You can post numerous types of content. 

And in this section, I want to share with you 4 ways you can post the right content on TikTok to get the right audience.

1. Make Sure That Your Content Is Educational

You want to be able to educate your followers on this platform. 

For example, there are videos on TikTok that show consumers what a properly laid floor looks like. 

And in those videos, they show examples of a great floor versus shoddy work from one of their competitors. 

It’s beautiful and businesses can educate their consumers on what they should be looking for.

That leaves consumers feeling incredibly empowered and trusting you as the right solution for whatever it is they need to buy.

2. Do Not Be Boring; Entertain Your Audience

Everyone likes to be entertained, right? 

Everyone loves to watch something that will keep them at the edge of their seat, and your customers are no different. 

The average TikTok user spends 61 minutes per day on the app with their sound up. 

75% of the 61 minutes is spent on the ” For You” page searching for new content, new profiles to follow, and that could be your content that consumers are binging on.

3. Engage Your Audience

Everyone loves to find people who are similar to them. 

So, when people are scrolling on TikTok, and they find content that makes them say ” Oh, I thought I was the only one” They get excited and they want to engage because suddenly, you’ve permitted them to say I feel the same way, or I am excited to learn about this.

You can create engaging bait on TikTok, and TikTok audiences will eat it up.

4. Connect With Your Audience Emotionally

You can start to tap into stories, maybe it’s the stories of some of your customers whose lives have been changed by your service. 

Maybe it’s a before and after story that leaves someone feeling incredibly inspired, maybe it was that mission that your team took to your community to make an impact. 

So, when you’re able to tell the story, it makes people feel good, it makes them feel happy and makes them feel hopeful that they are working with a company that is out there changing lives.

If you can tap into your audience’s emotions, you’d be amazed to see how your audience springs to life.

So, now I am guessing that you know what to post, but the question you might be asking yourself is, how do I make these posts go viral? 

Well, we will take a look at that next.

5. Research and Observe

Let me share with you three hashtags that I want you to go search on TikTok, and observe and look at the videos that you see underneath those hashtags. 

The three hashtags are:

• #smallbusiness

• #businesscheck

• #entrepreneur

Those are the hashtags that I searched at first, and I found some incredible videos that inspired me and gave me ideas and that encouraged me to create content for my business account on TikTok.

I also followed the accounts that made these TikToks, and I was inspired daily by the TikToks these accounts make.

You watch their most viewed videos, and pay attention to how they formed it, what takes they added on to the video, the cuts they made, exactly what they showed in the video, and make notes.

So, I want you to research and observe what kind of videos have been going viral in your niche, and try and just break it down a little bit just to see why those videos have gone viral, and just really pay attention.

Also, go into the comment sections of those videos, and read the comments, see what people are saying about the video, and just really listen and observe and research.

6. Question Yourself:

When starting, I want you to ask yourself these three questions:

• What are those videos missing?

• What would be unique about my business?

• What is the main thing I want to show on TikTok about my business? Or what are some key things that I want to show in my videos on TikTok?

So, when I answered those questions for myself before I created some videos on TikTok, I found that some videos lacked personality; the video still went viral, but I if I just had a little bit more personality in it, probably would have gotten a lot more attention.

Talking about uniqueness, you want to add the factor that makes your video stand out, among the crowd. 

For example, if you aid veterans or give a portion of your proceeds to charity, that is something you could highlight. 

So, answering these three questions and writing them down can help you envision what and where you want to take your TikTok business account to.

7. Brainstorm Your Video Ideas:

You want to make a list of video ideas that you want to create.

Save sounds on TikTok that you can make those videos to, and then start creating by keeping those questions you just answered in mind, while you create your TikTok videos.

The fourth thing to keep in mind is you’re filming space. 

TikTok videos that have a clean and clear video usually go viral more than videos that don’t have a very clean, and clear message in the video.

So, you want to make sure that your filming space is clean. 

So, that when you film videos you can easily get the message across, and your audience or the people that are watching the video won’t have to guess what’s going on in the video. 

Often when people have to kind of figure out what’s going on in the video, they lose interest and they just keep swiping and then your video doesn’t get as much attention. 

As what it could have if you had a clean space that you filmed in or a clear video that you posted.

Post Often and Post At Peak Hours:

So, this tip is probably the most important part of this whole process. 

You want to post as often as you can and use these hashtags labeled in my fifth point. 

However, you could also include:

• #creditkarma

• #mortgageloan

• #realestate

• #FYP, FYP is an abbreviation for For You Page.

So, those are some of the hashtags that I use on my videos. 

I’ve used all of those hashtags on all of my videos, and some of them have done well and others haven’t, but that’s just kind of the algorithm of TikTok.

Also, you want to make sure that you post at peak hours, which is between 7 pm and 10 pm. 

This is because usually at these times, people have nothing going on, and they are done eating, or with basic house chores, and are looking for something entertaining or educational to watch before they go to bed. 

So, posting at these peak hours can help boost your post’s interaction.

In Conclusion

As you can see, TikTok can be very lucrative when marketing your credit repair company.

There are few competitors and plenty of fresh eyes to discover your brand.

We hope this guide helps you dominate your local market and start generating new credit repair customers through the power of TikTok.

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