how to sell credit repair over the phone

How To Sell Credit Repair Over The Phone Like A Pro

Selling your credit repair services over the phone either excites or terrifies you.

And either emotion is ok.

Someone excited to get on the phone to sell their credit repair services is likely someone who’s had success and enjoys growing their business with simple phone calls.

Selling credit repair over the phone allows you to build your credit repair business from the comfort of your home if you want.

In fact, during these times, many people are choosing to start a credit repair business from home.

Becoming good at selling over the phone will help take your credit repair business to the next level.

Let’s review some tips and advice to help you sharpen your phone sales skill set and show you how to sell credit repair over the phone like a pro.

1. Prepare A Script To Sell Credit Repair Over The Phone

Attempting to sell over the phone without a script is like trying to navigate without a map. 

You will most likely end up nowhere.

You need to write down your script so that you have a guide to follow. 

The script should answer questions like:

· What is the customer’s goal?

What is their motivation behind that goal?

How soon do they want to accomplish this goal?

Do they have a partner that should be included in this conversation?

The script is only the guideline. 

If you just recite the script, it can sound monotonous. 

And nobody likes to hear a monotonous lecture over the phone. 

That is why you will need to improvise in real-time and deviate from your script at times.

And that’s perfectly fine.

Each customer is different, and each conversation will flow differently. 

However, each conversation will have the same elements and overall structure.

Your script should act as a guide and not as a recital.

Preparing your script according to the above guidelines will help you clear the first step of selling credit repair over the phone. 

Practice your script on friends and family.

Have them role-play with you until you feel comfortable with the script. 

2. Research Your Audience:

What are their common pain points?

What are their common frustrations?

What are some of the things they want to avoid at all costs?

What are some of the things they’ll be concerned about?

3. Plan Your Call

The first 30 seconds of any call will decide the outcome. 

If you do not have an impactful start, you may jeopardize your success.

Nobody likes to deal with someone boring and monotonous over the phone.

Have some energy and friendliness when calling.

Also, you want to be direct and to the point.

It is essential to respect your prospect’s time.

Keeping both these factors in mind, it is a good idea to mention the following details in the first 30 seconds of your call:

· The problem which your product/service solves

· How can you make the prospect’s life easier?

· How fast can you solve their problem?

If you mention these details at the start, it will help grab and maintain their attention.

5. Start The Call With The Right Tone:

Preparing so much for a sales call can easily lead you to forget about one of the most critical parts of the call, tonality. 

Tone is hard to explain through an article.

The simplest way to explain it is by giving you a well-known example.

The Wolf of Wallstreet is a famous movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. 

In this movie, Leonardo portrays Jordan Belfort. 

Jordan Belfort is notoriously known for his role at Stratton Oakmont, involvement, and ultimate prosecution of stock manipulation by the FBI. 

I know what you’re thinking, why are we basing advice from this individual?

Hear me out, Jordan Belfort mastered the art of tonality over the phone.

His upward inflections, pauses, strategic fast-talking points, and purposeful slowdowns all aided him in influencing people on his sales calls.

We can use these skills for good and helping others (not manipulation).

Practice having functional tonality over the phone and watch your conversations improve.

6. Developing Rapport:

People who successfully sell credit repair over the phone have mastered the ability to connect with their prospect in a short time.

Here are some tips to help you develop rapport quickly over the phone.

· Wherever possible, address your prospect with their first name.

· You can also ask them questions that will help them to open up to you.

Questions like:

– What is motivating you to do this?

– What do you not like about your current circumstances?

– What would you do differently if your problem was fixed?

· The more your call focuses around them and their situation and less about you, the more successful the call will be.

Talking endlessly about you and your services will only lead to the prospect losing interest and failed calls.

People don’t want another telemarketer calling them.

They want to feel a connection and feel like someone actually cares.

· While speaking with your prospective customers, you have to speak like you are speaking with your friend that you care about.

· You have to use empathy to create rapport. 

After successfully developing rapport, you will feel that the prospect will begin to trust you and see you as someone who can help solve their credit problems.

If your sales calls are not going as planned, then this may be the biggest reason why.

7. Sell Don’t Tell

Most salespeople make the mistake of consistently pitching the product or service to their prospects. 

If you continue to do so, the sales call becomes monotonous and boring. 

A much better approach is to be a listener. 

It will allow you to continue the sales call and help you gain multiple opportunities to sell to the customer.

The only way to become a great listener is to highlight the problem your product or service is trying to solve. 

After that, you have to ask the prospective customer questions that highlight the issues which they face in the absence of a solution. 

Once you do so, the customer will open up and acknowledge the problem they’re facing.

After this, pitching your credit repair service and converting them into a customer becomes easier. 

To improve your conversion rate while selling on the phone, becoming a listener is a must.

8. Do not use fillers:

Many salespeople make the mistake of using words like aa, er, and so on. 

These are filler words. 

The problem with using filler words is that they can indicate that the salesperson lacks confidence. 

It is also the apparent reaction of a salesperson when they are uncomfortable or uncertain.

When a prospect senses this, they will quickly look for an opportunity to end the call.

This is where a script can save you.

If you’re unsure how to bring the call back on track, you can refer to your script. 

You can explain things like:

· Additional features

· Special offers

· The effectiveness of the product or service

· And so on

The script will readily provide you with various talking points. 

Once again, you have to remember that the script is just a guide. It is not a readout speech.

You have limited time on every call. 

Wasting it with fillers is the worst possible way to sell over the phone. 

With the help of a script, you can replace filler language with useful information. 

9. Be ready for objections:

Objections are pretty common when selling over the phone. 

There will hardly be any call that would be without any objections. 

Instead of being surprised by objections, you have to be ready to counter them.

There are a few ways to do this.

· You have to be ready to ask more questions. That’s right. Instead of answering their concerns with a statement. Ask a question.

Example: “How do I know this will work?”

Rebuttal: “That’s a good question {FIRST NAME}, what do you need to see from me to make you feel more comfortable with this service?”

· List your most common objections that you can think of on a sheet of paper. Then write down the statement answer. Then rewrite your rebuttals in the form of a question. This will help you to maintain control of the conversation.

· Never give a statement without asking another question. “What other questions or concerns do you have?” is a great failsafe. 

· You have to prepare a list of common objections so that you can answer them right away.

Mastering the art of handling objections can take you from a sub-average salesperson to an above-average closer.

10. Always record and listen to your sales calls (with your prospects consent):

The only way to improve any sales process is to learn from every call the salesperson makes. 

The perfect way is to record all the sales calls. 

You can listen to your calls after the call is complete to identify areas of improvement.

Eliminating each of those mistakes in future sales calls can drastically improve your sales process.

Following this simple tip ensures that you can outperform your competition. 

Also, converting customers becomes easy by improving your sales skills consistently over time.

11. Sometimes You Need To Follow Up

It may take a few follow-up calls to close your sale.

Examples of why you may need to follow up are:

· If the prospect is busy, you can ask him/her what will be a great time to call them back.

· If they are not ready to sign up yet, you may need to follow up at a later date. Mark it on your calendar.

· Many prospects will tell you that they need some time to think. In that case, as well, you can request a good day/time to call them back.

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