credit repair youtube marketing

Credit Repair YouTube Marketing

With YouTube being the second most visited website globally, it is a no-brainer that every company should take advantage of credit repair Youtube marketing. 

Well, in this post, I will share with you some reasons why you should join YouTube and also how to do YouTube marketing in 2020.

You may ask yourself what videos you should make or how you can even be found on YouTube or where do you even begin? 

In this post, I want to show you some proven techniques on how to get started. 

We’ll take a look at:

  • YouTube Demographics and Why They Matter
  • The strategy with credit repair YouTube Marketing
  • How to set up your channel
  • How to get your first 1,000 subscribers

YouTube Demographics:

With YouTube being the second most used website, and with 2 billion active monthly users, this means that your business has a market on this platform. 

Also, 62% of companies are on YouTube; if your business isn’t taking advantage of YouTube marketing, then you may be lagging behind your competitors.

Only 9% of those companies are actual small businesses on YouTube. Which means other small businesses like yours haven’t explored YouTube’s potential just yet. 

So, taking advantage of credit repair YouTube marketing will be worthwhile for your business.

The YouTube algorithm recommends 71% of what people watch, and about 5 billion YouTube videos are viewed daily. 

This means that when your content is optimized right, it has a high chance of being recommended to people looking for what your company has to offer.

What Do The YouTube Demographics Mean?

Well, with YouTube, the most appealing videos can go viral and get millions of views on a scale that just wasn’t possible before. 

Also, because as an online marketer, you’re always thinking of new ways to promote your content, your products, and services.

YouTube represents a fantastic marketing opportunity for your credit repair company.

Trust me, video content sells, and YouTube has been slowly representing TV as the preferred platform for small businesses and large enterprises to promote their goods and services.

Using YouTube as a business tool is a great way to reach a wider audience because, on a basic level, it allows you to create and upload videos to highlight your business.

When your videos rank on YouTube, they may also rank on Google.

There are no promises here. But it is something that could happen for your videos and help your business show in the results for certain search terms.

Ranking a website or article can prove to be difficult.

Especially for a competitive industry such as credit repair.

Why Do People Love YouTube?

Quite simply, Youtube caters to their interests.

Once someone views a YouTube video in completion, likes a video, comments on a video, or adds it to a watch later playlist, the YouTube algorithm takes that data and recommends similar videos based on how other viewers interacted with those videos. 

It may sound a bit creepy, but this is how YouTube gets us to spend hours on their platform.

Take this into consideration, along with the rise of YouTube creators and their production value and you have a recipe for success with viewers.

YouTube Strategy:

All right. Let’s first talk about strategy or the top strategic mistake that most companies make on YouTube. 

Your YouTube channel needs to accomplish one or both of these things:

  • Value
  • Entertainment

If you want your videos to be watched, make videos that your audience will be either entertained or educated by.

Questions you can ask yourself to help you construct your YouTube videos.

What videos is your audience interested in? 

What content would they share with friends and family? 

What value can you add to your videos? 

Out of these things to consider, value is the most important one to consider, in our opinion.

How To Set Up Your Channel:

All right. So now that that’s out of the way let’s go ahead and set up your channel.

One important side note here, there are two types of YouTube channels. 

First, we have just like regular YouTube channels where you have your Google account as your channel. 

And secondly, there are brand channels.

Brand channels are the type of YouTube channel that you want to create.

Setting Up A Brand Channel:

YouTube has a helpful video on setting up an account here.

After you’ve created the channel itself, you need to set up a few things.

Design Elements Are Important

There are a couple of design elements that every channel should have. 

  • Your Channel Icon
  • Your Channel Banner
  • Video Thumbnails

You want to have custom thumbnails and usually like to have one of these video interests that shows your brand’s logo.

Of course, there can be multiple other design elements, especially in your videos. 

The goal is to have a consistent theme between all of these elements.

Colors, fonts, and layouts make a huge difference when it comes to how professional your channel appears.

So let’s take a closer look at the individual elements.


You can choose an icon or your logo for your YouTube channel icon. 

Make sure that your profile icon is clear and recognizable as it will appear in the comments of your videos.

The channel image is a little bit complicated because different parts of it are shown on other devices. 

But there are templates out there on the Internet that can help you make sure that your channel image works perfectly.

Your Thumbnail:

The thumbnail is one of the most critical parts of your channel. 

Every video thumbnail should stand out. 

It’s kind of like a movie poster for your video. 

It needs to advertise your video to anyone scrolling through their YouTube feed.

We also recommend making sure that your thumbnails have the same design format to allow your channel to establish a brand. 

Your Video Intro:

And last but not least, there’s the intro video that you use for branding in your videos. 

You cannot upload it anywhere on YouTube, but edit it into your videos. 

Apart from showing your logo with some music, you should make your intro short. 

As you know, people’s attention spans are minimal these days.

My general rule of thumb is to make them less than seven seconds long. 

Avoid long intro videos like older tv shows where each cast member turns and smiles.

Getting Your First Subscribers:

So you set up your channel and upload quality videos that bring value to your audience, but no one seems to care. 

Getting first subscribers is usually one of the biggest challenges brands face on YouTube. 

So what can we do?

Leverage Existing Social Media:

Step number one that I would always do if I start a new YouTube channel is to leverage your existing social media. 

So if you have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, blog, etc try to send your existing audience to your YouTube channel.

If these people already follow you on social media, and enjoy the value you bring on YouTube, chances are very high they will subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Collaborate With Other Channels:

Consider collaborating with other channels.

Particularly if they have an established audience on YouTube.

Perhaps it’s a loan officer or real estate agent that you have a relationship with.

Or perhaps it’s a related niche looking to build their library of interviews.

Or maybe you can pay influencers to make a collaboration video with you? 

These are foundational steps that can help you get your first 1,000 subscribers.

Leverage Organic Traffic:

Step number three is also the strategy that you will use in the long term on YouTube. 

And this is to leverage one of the two types of organic traffic that is available on YouTube. 

There’s suggested traffic on your home page next to other videos and so on. 

Then there’s search. When people search for something on YouTube.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. 

You almost always need to combine these two traffic sources. 

In the beginning, I would focus on search because it’s easier to get your first views from search optimized videos. 

You can configure your video to target this method best. 

The term we’re talking about here is SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

You want to optimize your videos to appear under the top videos for the terms your audience might be searching for. 

First, you want to consider what search terms your audience may be keying into Google search.

And after you figured that out, you want to put this search term, this so-called keyword in your title, in your description, and your text for your video to appear under these search terms.

There’s no guarantee that your video will rank, but if it does, you should see a significant amount of traffic and views.

In Conclusion

As you can see there’s a ton to consider when mapping out the strategy behind your credit repair Youtube channel.

Put some thought into your content, keywords, and the value you include in your videos.

Most importantly, stay consistent.

YouTube marketing takes time to see results and eventually leads.

There are other ways to get credit repair leads faster.

If you’re interested in a marketing system that delivers credit repair leads as soon as 1 day then be sure to check out credit repair Facebook ads.

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