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How To Start Offering Business Credit Services

Is your credit repair business ready to expand to a higher ticket service?

You might want to start selling business credit services.

It could potentially bring in 10’s of thousands of revenue into your company each month from just a few clients.

The truth is that many businesses would love to access unsecured lines of business credit and even SBA loans.

They just have no idea what to do.

That’s where you come in.

Let’s discuss what business credit services are and how you can offer it to your clients.

What Is Business Credit?

Business credit is when you borrow money or get lines of credit under your business name instead of your personal name.

The biggest benefit of this is separating your personal liability from any debts your business acquires using its business credit.

God forbid something happens and your company goes belly up, then your company debts are your company’s liability and not yours.

If you personally guarantee the debt using your personal credit, then you’re on the hook for the debt.


Another benefit of business credit is access to higher lines of credit.

It’s not unheard of to get a business credit line of $30K, $50K, $100K, or more.

So How Do You Offer Business Credit Services?

Let’s talk about fulfillment.

You just signed up your first business credit client, now what?

The benefit of a company hiring someone to build their business credit profile is that they are using your expertise and guidance to execute the necessary steps to get business credit.

Basically, you help them organize, plan, and execute the steps needed to build business credit.

That means making sure they have an EIN, business checking account, legitimate business address, legitimate business phone number, a DUNS number, and more.

Then walk them through getting approved for starting lines of credit such as Quill and Grainger.

The next step is to help them get Net-15 and Net-30 accounts.

Then ultimately, unsecured lines of credit such as Chase Ink or American Express Business Credit Cards.

Some reseller programs let you sell their self-serve platform.

We recommend using an in-house approach and giving clients a white glove treatment.

This allows you to potentially charge $2,500 – $5,000 for this service.

Your pricing is up to you.

How Do You Get Business Credit Leads?

The best place to start is your existing customer base.

Email your clients and announce your new service.

Offer a free consultation to see if this type of service is something they value.

When speaking with new credit repair clients, ask if they own a business.

Read our guide on email marketing for credit repair businesses.

Email Marketing For Business Credit Leads

If you have a newsletter subscriber list you can email them also with your new offer.

In your autoresponder sequence, you can draft an email that educates your subscribers on the importance of business credit.

In that same email offer a free phone consultation.

You could create a business credit cheat sheet in Canva and offer that in exchange for emails.

Social Media Offering Business Credit

You can create informative graphics inside of Canva and have your call to action be a free phone consultation.

Experiment with different types of posts like stories, carousels, reels, and more.

LinkedIn is a possible gold mine considering that business professionals go there to network. One or two of the right connections could explode your business.

Referral Partners That Get You Business Credit Clients

You could also form referral partnerships with B2B professionals. Payroll/HR sales representatives, CPAs, credit card processing sales representatives, business insurance agents, etc.

The secret to successful networking is sending leads back to your referral partners.

As you get new business credit clients, mention your referral partners to them and offer to make an introduction.

Rank Your Website For Business Credit Services Using SEO

You could begin writing business credit articles on your website and optimize them for local search rankings.

For example: “Companies that help with business credit in Dallas, TX”.

Pick long-tail keywords that you can easily rank for in your local area.

Cold Calling Your Business Credit Service

If you really want to explode your business credit service revenue then consider cold calling business owners.

Target a specific niche and get to know the most common pain points of that industry,

Use that to form a great opening pitch.

Let’s use local construction companies as an example.

“Hey {{BUSINESS OWNER}}. Are you tired of floating projects with your own money? If I could help you get $100K worth of unsecured business credit to use for your projects, would you give me 5 minutes to explain how?”

If you called 100 construction companies, you’d almost certainly get some appointments.

Only explore paid advertising once you have your fulfillment and sales process down solid. 

You could run Facebook and Instagram ads offering your services in your local area.

Or you could use your free ebook earlier as a lead magnet and re-target those users with your business credit offer.

Where To Learn More About Offering Business Credit Services

There are many online courses and reseller programs available to anyone looking to sell business credit services.

We’re not affiliated with any and can’t recommend a specific one.

You’ll have to do your own research and find one that makes sense for you.

But, there’s plenty of information available online and on YouTube.

Start learning or sign up for some training that makes sense for you.

In Conclusion

Offering business credit services is a fantastic way to increase your revenue and increase the value you can get from each client.

If you already know how to build business credit, then you’re halfway to getting your first client.

If you don’t know, then we recommend taking the next 3-6 months to learn how to service these types of clients.

The last thing you want to do is take a businesses’ money and underdeliver.

We wish you the best of luck growing your business credit service client base.

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