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Credit Repair Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

Are you ready to learn how to grow your credit repair businesses online?

Do you want to attract affiliates to promote your business using the power of the internet?

Would you like to improve how you market your credit repair business online?

Good news!

We’ve got you covered with The Ultimate Guide to Credit Repair Marketing Ideas

Referral Marketing for Your Credit Repair Business

Any business that is under 2 years old will want to focus most of their attention on expanding their professional business network.

Mainly realtors, lenders, title companies, and any other related industry.

All of these businesses and professions cater to individuals and families seeking homeownership.

More often than not, a client of theirs is denied due to credit challenges and need credit repair service.

Some realtors, lenders, and other real estate professionals will gladly refer their clients to credit repair companies that they know and trust.

Consider hosting lunch and learns with a brokerage and their team.

Lunch and learns are where a host provide lunch for the team while educating the team about their services and how they can help the realtor’s/lenders clients.

Get Your Credit Repair Business Listed on Google

First things, first, Google ads do not allow credit repair.

Organic Google search results and your Google My Business listing are where you want to focus your efforts.

A fundamental step that most credit repair businesses should take is listing their business with Google My Business.

Listing your credit repair organizations on Google My Business allows anyone searching locally for credit repair to potentially see your business.

Listing your business will also allow your clients to leave you reviews on Google.

Good reviews can help your business build trust with potential clients researching for a provider near them.

Use tools like HighLevel to help you generate reviews automatically.

Start A Website: Credit Repair Marketing Fundamentals

Having a credit repair website is mandatory to succeed in online credit repair marketing. This is the hub that you will send customers to that will learn about your business, your credit repair process and hopefully buy your service.

It not only serves as an internet business card, but prospects can learn about what’s trending in your business and the importance of repairing their credit through blog posts.

On your website prospects will also find your contact information and promotional offers of your service that you are selling.

To start a website, choose a domain name.

Come up with one that is both unique and clever relative to the credit repair industry.

When considering the name of your domain, remember it’s important to make it catchy and memorable in the marketplace.

You want it to be something that customers can identify with your business and differs from those of your competitors.

Think of television commercials that resonate with you most. Is there a particular advertisement that on certain occasions you can’t seem to get out of your head?

These are the most effective means to attract customers. If people constantly have your business and domain name on their minds, then you have done a fantastic job of marketing.

Have you ever watched or listened to a commercial that stayed with you throughout the day?

credit repair marketing tips

This is the effect you want to have when customers tell their friends about your business and the domain name of your website.

Consider the most popular and successful credit repair services on the web when choosing your domain name. What do you like about the name of their website?

Emulate the qualities you favor in the names of these domains and use them as inspiration when crafting your own.

Your domain name is important because if a time arises that you change the core of your business, then you will need to set up a new website if it isn’t relevant to the name of the domain.

You need not be a tech-savvy web designer to set up and create your website.

These days there are hosting services available that make DIY websites relatively simple and easy to start.

In most cases, you can make your website appear to be professional and gorgeous with the press of a button.

Using a feature referred to as themes, your website can look as good or better than your favorite credit repair service website.

Create Credit Repair Related Content

The next step to market your credit repair service online is to create quality content.

Many self-hosted websites use WordPress as their content management software.

With over 1.4 billion websites populating the web, WordPress is used in 4.5 million of them (around 20%).

While I recommend starting a WordPress site because it’s what I use, am most familiar with, and think it’s great, there are other options available.

If it so happens your site uses another content management system, don’t fret because you can produce your content efficiently on any of them as they are all relatively similar.

Before you send customers to your offers and sales pitches, it’s a good idea to post at least 10 articles of valuable content.

Your credit repair service website shouldn’t need to be updated daily similar to that of most blogs.

It does, however, need posts that promote and advertise your services, are educational to your visitors and are unique and original to similar content online.

The content on your website is the cornerstone and foundation of your online business.

credit repair marketing strategies

Keeping that in mind, don’t cut corners with your content or half-heartedly create it.

Never publish anything that is inaccurate or will be detrimental to your business.

What’s great about producing credit repair content is that it’s evergreen.

This means that the articles you publish will more likely stand the test of time and always be relevant.

The content management system on your site will allow you to view and edit your content.

You can also add media such as images, videos, and links of other URLs to your articles.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the dashboard, which is what you will use to manage your content, how the site appears to its visitors, the various menus, location of the search bar, and much more.

If this part of the guide sounds too daunting and overwhelming, consider hiring a freelance writer to produce your content.

If you’re writing the content yourself, you may want to install Grammarly (or a similar tool) to correct common grammatical and punctuation errors as you write your content.

credit repair marketing strategies

Learn SEO Basics For Credit Repair Marketing

For your website to reach its full potential and generate the most revenue, you need to become best friends with Google and understand search engine optimization.

Would you like your site to rank No. 1 when people search for credit repair services?

Well, that will be very difficult to accomplish.

While not impossible, you will need to get Google to fall in love with your content, so much so that it makes them nearly obsessed.

There is no chance of it happening if you do not understand what you’re doing and also don’t know the basics of SEO.

One of the most vital aspects for your articles to be favorable in Google’s eyes is making sure your content is detailed and thorough.

When someone reads your content on a particular topic, they should come away having found the information they were looking for.

By the time they are finished reading your article, they shouldn’t have any further questions on the subject they searched for.

The content should be so amazing that they want to share it with their friends going through the same struggles as them.

credit repair marketing tips

Optimize your title tag and meta description.

Have you ever done a Google search and noticed that every time you do it there is a link at the top and a sentence at the bottom?

Well, the link at the top is referred to as the title tag, and the sentence below it is the meta description.

Think of it this way, if you search for the phrase “credit repair” and you don’t see the words credit repair in either the title or description, would you click on it?

If you would, then something doesn’t add up.

Why would you click on a result that isn’t related to what you’re looking for?

Google tracks who’s clicking on which search results.

credit repair marketing seo

They’ve learned that when a keyword is in a listing (the same one that you’re searching for) that you are more likely to click through.

So in your title tag and meta description, make sure you include the keyword.

Your title tag and meta description should both flow in a sentence, be easy to read, and also appealing to read for your content to rank well on Google.

Did you know that search engines like Google will provide you with a tool that teaches you how to rank No. 1 on Google?

Get a leg up on the competition by using a tool called Google Search Console and understand your target audience.

Well, that’s what Google Search Console does.

It’s easy to sign up, and it’s also free.

Your website may not be generating enough traffic if you are not using Google Search Console.

Google Search Console shows you all the pages on your website that are getting traffic.

The coolest thing about Google Search Console is that it shows you which articles are getting impressions.

The impression of an article is how many people are seeing your listing in their search results.

So Google Search Console shows you how many impressions you are getting, the number of clicks, and the click-through rate.

What you’ll find is, you’re lucky if you’re getting more than a 5.0% click-through rate for your articles.

The way Google Search Console helps you is that it shows you all the keywords you are getting impressions for, and all the keywords you are getting clicks for.

credit repair online marketing

Don’t just shove keywords in the article to where you are stuffing your content with them.

If someone is reading your article, and it has too many of your keywords, then they are likely to abandon your content because it’s low quality.

It has to flow naturally and be educational. You want to take the keywords you are seeing in Google Search Console and ADD them to your article.

If this all seems overwhelming, you could always outsource this job to SEO professionals.

Set Up An Email Autoresponder For Your Credit Repair Companies

An email autoresponder is a tool that automatically sends emails to your subscribers.

An email autoresponder immediately provides offers and information to prospective customers and follows up with them in scheduled intervals.

Most people think email is an ancient, outdated form of online communication because of the increased use of social media.

The fact is, everyone still uses email, and credit repair email marketing is a proven effective way to market your business.

There is a good deal of different email autoresponder services to choose from such as Get Response, MailChimp, AWeber, and OptinMonster just to name a few.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose as they all will perform the same function for your website.

But pick one and roll with it because it’s a software you need to grow your business.

credit repair digital marketing

In its simplest form, when visitors come to your website, they will see a pop-up you installed to your site through your email autoresponder provider asking them to subscribe to your website.

When they enter their information, it adds them to your email list.

It’s important to build an email list because it allows you to advertise for free, on-demand, to people that are already your customers or are interested in your business.

Although most people’s email folders are filled with spam mail that seldom gets opened, if they recognize the sender and would like the information, they will open the emails.

A huge selling point to having your email list is that it is your possession.

If you change email autoresponder services, the list is still yours to keep and can be transferred to your next provider.

You may not feel a sense of urgency with all the communication and marketing possibilities that social media platforms offer.

If a particular social network were to shut down, then what would happen?

You could lose all the followers and connections that you worked so hard marketing to attain.

When you have an email list, no one can take that away from you.

Create A Lead Magnet

A sound and effective part of credit repair marketing strategies is to build your email list is by creating a lead magnet.

The “magnet” will be something beneficial to prospective customers that you will give away for free to generate a sales lead for your business.

This could be in the form of an ebook, a free credit repair consultation, a digital course, or anything you can imagine that will appeal to your customers.

Give the lead magnet away in exchange for their email address and any additional information necessary you need from them.

People like free stuff.

Would you volunteer to give someone your personal information just because they asked for it?

Or would you be more likely to give it to someone for a gift that you want?

Word Of Mouth Marketing

The best form of marketing is word-of-mouth credit repair marketing. If you take care of your customers and do what’s best for them, they will purchase from you again and tell other people about your business.

Everyone is trying to rank higher on Google and to be more popular on Facebook and Instagram.

While those are important, your business will stand out from all the others if you take advantage of word of mouth marketing.

Companies that have an excellent reputation and have become household names all share word-of-mouth marketing in common.

Being the best out there and caring for your customers is the greatest marketing strategy that you could ever use.

Set Up An Affiliate Program For Your Business

Every company should have affiliates promoting their products or services to increase revenue and sales.

This strategy involves having other people partner with you to refer your product or service to prospective customers.

In exchange for doing this, you will reward them by paying them a commission for each sale.

There are free WordPress plugins that you can install on your website to set up an affiliate program.

Instagram Marketing Your Credit Repair Company

credit repair instagram marketing

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms around with over 1 billion active users and 25 million small business accounts.

The first thing you will want to do is optimize your bio.

Talk about what makes your business special and what makes your business worth following.

Make sure you send them to content that is mobile optimized and will display well on all devices.

Make it very clear what your business is about to avoid confusing any prospective customers. Leverage both feed and stories across your Instagram account.

Also, use hashtags so people will easily find your posts and content when they search for it.

Here are some you can use:  #creditrepair #creditrepairservices #CreditRepairCompanies #CreditRepairHustle #creditrepairservice #CreditRepairCompany #creditrepairking #creditrepairworks #creditrepairspecialist #creditrepairagent #CreditRepaired #creditrepairquote #creditrepaircustomer #creditrepairbook #creditrepairdoneright #creditrepairguru #creditrepairseminar #creditrepairtips #creditRepairLife #creditrepairsteps #creditrepairagents #creditrepairsoftware #creditrepairgoddess #creditrepairisneeded #CreditRepairResults #CreditRepairYouCanTrust

Use a variety of different hashtags and periodically change them to new ones that are similar so you can reach more people and your account doesn’t go stagnant.

Build your reputation through helpful content and be a positive influence in the credit repair marketplace.

Post engaging and valuable content at least 1-2 times per day to keep customers interested and engaged as part of your social media marketing plan.

A consistent social media presence is paramount.

Use a social media scheduler to set it and forget it.

The best times to post are outside regular business hours such as early in the morning or in the evening.

Establish who your target customer on Instagram is, and market to them by serving their wants and needs.

A great content marketing strategy teaches them about their credit scores, how to read credit reports, how to read their credit report, what causes a bad credit score, how each credit bureau works, how to fix credit, and the credit repair organizations act.

Don’t focus on just Instagram also focus on various social media channels.

Facebook Ads for Credit Repair Businesses

Facebook is the biggest social media network in the market. People spend an average of 20 minutes per day on the platform and in the United States that number doubles.

We consider Facebook to be one of the best methods for your credit repair marketing efforts.

All of your prospects are there, and Facebook allows you to pinpoint the people are most likely to buy from you using the vast amount of demographic information they have.

Research how your competitors are advertising on Facebook and use their ads as inspiration.

Use Facebook ad headlines that grab prospective customer’s attention.

Include eye-catching images and videos in your Facebook ads that viewers are likely to enjoy and click on.

Set a daily budget that you can afford to spend on social media advertising.

You should run a few ads at the same time to see which one performs the best.

After a predetermined amount of time, dispose of the other ads that didn’t perform as well and invest the cost of them into the top ad.

Mastering Facebook ads can be rather complicated and challenging. It is, however, a fantastic way to grow your business and generate revenue and profits.

Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to run your Facebook ads marketing campaign for your credit repair business.

It may seem costly, but it will prove worth it because you can focus solely on your business.


We hope this guide helped you determine some keyways for credit repair marketing. Any successful entrepreneur will tell you; it’s challenging to build something successful.

If your business is all you dream about, then you may be on the right path. Stay focused. Stay determined. And learn from your mistakes.

Sooner than later, you should be well on your way to the lifestyle you envision for yourself.

Tools To Successfully Market Your Business

Tools To Help Grow Your Credit Repair Business

  • Learn How To Create Profitable Funnels in 30 Days with The 30-Day Challenge!
  • HighLevel CRM is the best credit repair marketing software EVER.
  • Accelerate your credit repair business with our exclusive Credit Repair Business Accelerator program.
  • High-performing website hosting. One of the service providers we recommend is Siteground.

    Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).