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“It’s time to say GoodBye to the slow way of
growing your Credit Repair Business.”

It’s 2020. The old ways of growing your credit repair business are now slow and ineffective. The internet has opened a new playing field for your competitors and they are raking in the profits. Credit repair companies that don’t adapt are risking it all.

8 Years Ago we were a struggling credit repair company doing everything we could to get customers.

We were doing everything we were told were the “keys to success”. Network, get referrals, make flyers, post on social media, post ads on the radio, google ads, and more. You name it, we tried it. 

It felt like we were spinning our tires in the mud. No matter how hard we tried, we could not grow as fast as we wanted.

Then we discovered Facebook ads and it completely changed our credit repair business.

We went through years of testing, tinkering and optimizing to come up with a proven system that generates us clients nearly on demand.

After thousands and thousands of wasted advertising dollars, we finally cracked the code and want to share it with others…

Flash forward to 2020, we hired nearly 30 new employees and we are on pace to do multiple 7 figures.

You can do the same. We’re not experts by any means. We’re not special. We’re everyday people just like you that didn’t stop when things got tough.

We learned many lessons and put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into growing our credit repair business. 

You get to learn from our mistakes and get a jump start at growing your organization so that you can create the lifestyle of your dreams.

I used to lay awake at night worried about how I was going to stay in business. Now, I get to spend time more time with my wife two children.

All of this was due to learning a system that automated the process of finding my credit repair business new customers.

If you’re ready to dig in and learn, we’re ready to help.

Introducing the...

credit repair business accelerator

With The Credit Repair Business Accelerator Program You Get

TOTAL VALUE = $4,323​



This Program If Perfect For:

  • Anyone tired of relying on wishy-washy “referral partners” to grow their credit repair business.

  • Anyone sick and tired of endless networking and pointless coffee dates.

  • Anyone ready to take massive action and ridiculously grow their credit repair business.

  • Anyone tired of endless social media posting and fruitless “tactics” that never seem to pan out.

  • Anyone tired of paying ridiculous fees to “marketing agencies” for leads that don’t close.

  • Anyone that isn’t afraid of hard work and wants to take back control of their business.

  • Anyone who wants to wake up everyday to fresh credit repair leads waiting for your call.
Get A Profitable Marketing System That Works 24/7 To Grow Your Business

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credit rrepair ads review
credit repair business accelerator review

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have a rock-solid, 6-month money back guarantee. If you buy our course, execute the strategies inside and don’t get a single lead, we’ll refund 100% of your money back (must show your work to qualify).

Yes, they are! We’ll show you how to stay compliant so that your ads get approved.

Yes we do. Our students get full, priority email support and access to our private Facebook group.

No. We made this course so that even non-techies can easily implement this into their businesses.

Yes. You’ll need to purchase a landing page software, outreach software, and email marketing provider software. Don’t worry, these are very affordable (under $97 a month each) and we’ll show you the best ones to use!

It’s up to you! We recommend an advertising budget of at least $500 a month to start. But how much you spend is 100% up to you.

Simple. We specialize strictly in credit repair Facebook ads. We’ve been advertising strictly for credit repair for over 8 years. We know what works, and what doesn’t. You get to skip the years of headache and jump start your results!

What’s Inside Credit Repair Business Accelerator Program?

High-Converting Facebook Ad Formula

Examples of high performing Facebook Ads that you can copy, paste, and execute for your business. Our videos show you step-by-step how to launch your ads in virtually no-time.

Easy To Launch Marketing Funnels

Learn how to launch marketing funnels that help you get credit repair leads. Get set up and running quickly so that you can start generating customers for your business today.

Ad Budget Success Calculator

No matter your budget, this handy tool will help you quickly determine what your potential ROI could be and how many customers your marketing can project.

Automated Lead Follow Up System Formula

Don’t spend all day chasing leads. Why not have them call YOU when they’re free? We show you step-by-step how to implement an automated lead follow-up system that works for you 24/7.

Email Sequences That Convert

Get a 5-email sequence example that we believe will help you develop trust, build brand, and help turn leads into eager customers ready to pay you for your credit repair services.

Exclusive Facebook Group Community

Network with other credit repair business owners that are on the same mission as you. Get answers to your questions and roadblocks directly from others that have experienced your same problems.


1 Hour Zoom Session
(First 50 Students Only)

Get a jump start with your ads and get a complimentary 1 hour Zoom session with us.

360° Re-targeting Strategies
For 2020

Learn how to ethically follow potential clients all over the internet. These strategies can help you build brand, trust, reputation and finally win over those tire-kickers and turn them into paying customers!

First 50 Students Get A Free 1 Hour Zoom Session With Us

Limited Time Sales Ends!

TOTAL VALUE = $4,276


Money Back Guarantee!
“If you buy our course and implement the teachings into your business and don’t get a single lead within 6 months, we’ll refund 100% of your money (must show work to qualify)”

Recap of what's included:

TOTAL VALUE = $4,323

TODAY ONLY = $697!

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